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PS3 emu
hey there,

i know that there wont be a ps3 emu in the next 5 to 15 years. though i would like to know if some of the devs or anyone other knowing of what hes talking about is able to speculate what it would take to emulate it. i mean, the team codes the pcsx2 for nearly 7 years now (if im not mistaken), so coding the ps3 would take years and years. should be a real pain in the arse, wouldnt it? ^^
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search the forum, you'll find a lot of info regarding this.
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yea, search around. This was discussed for like 1500418 times.
Wow a new emulator, does it really runs on my system?
What are the system requirements for the new emulator?

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(05-29-2009, 09:14 PM)ashgray2 Wrote: Wow a new emulator, does it really runs on my system?
What are the system requirements for the new emulator?

Best Computer Bargain, Sports Extras

There is no emulator for PS3.
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(05-29-2009, 09:14 PM)ashgray2 Wrote: Wow a new emulator, does it really runs on my system?
What are the system requirements for the new emulator?
did you even bother to read the thread?
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
(05-29-2009, 10:24 PM)LuisR14 Wrote:
(05-29-2009, 09:14 PM)ashgray2 Wrote: Wow a new emulator, does it really runs on my system?
What are the system requirements for the new emulator?
did you even bother to read the thread?

This its like an old jokeBlink
A parallel processor card that has 256 CPUs in ~1.5 sq.inch area, but you would have to dish out a few $10,000 to get ahold of one of these suckers. >:]

EDIT :: I figure the above statement would gain some people's interest, so to save myself ahead of time from having to dig up logs and repeat everything, I'll just post what I already know/have here:

Date of conversation: 02-15-2009
Quote:01[12:20] <Qwerty> hai guys
01[12:20] <Qwerty> Last year, several months ago from now
01[12:20] <Qwerty> My cousin (who works for some big companies)
[12:20] <LordMark> at least they got rid of that new captcha
01[12:20] <Qwerty> Brought home an experimental $20,000 card that has 256 CPUs in parallel (NOT GPUs)
[12:20] <Kein> Qwerty » is she hot chick?
01[12:20] <Qwerty> o_o just imagine if that sucker were used for pcsx2
[12:21] <dn> not just one big company
[12:21] <dn> but many
[12:21] <Kein> LordMark » lol, that was slow. They got rid of captcha many moth ago
[12:21] <LordMark> i'm not counting days Smile
[12:21] <@gigaherz> [19:20] (Qwerty): Brought home an experimental $20,000 card that has 256 CPUs in parallel (NOT GPUs)
[12:22] <Kein> Tongue
[12:22] <@gigaherz> only $20000?
[12:22] <@gigaherz> !calc 256/4
[12:22] <@gigaherz> gigaherz: Result(s): 64
[12:22] <+ender> Result: 64
[12:22] <@gigaherz> !calc 64 * $500
[12:22] <@gigaherz> gigaherz: Result(s):
[12:22] <+ender> Result: 0
[12:22] <@gigaherz> !calc 64 * 500
[12:22] <@gigaherz> gigaherz: Result(s): 32000
[12:22] <+ender> Result: 32000
[12:22] <@gigaherz> seems cheap
01[12:22] <Qwerty> ;o
01[12:22] <Qwerty> well
[12:22] <@gigaherz> compared to "normal quad cores Tongue2
01[12:22] <Qwerty> they can make parallel CPUs
01[12:22] <Qwerty> but the reason they dont
01[12:22] <Qwerty> is because there's no market for them
01[12:22] <Qwerty> just look at todays quadcores
[12:23] <@gigaherz> is because only very specific scientific stuff needs it
01[12:23] <Qwerty> yup
01[12:23] <Qwerty> like emulating the brain...neuronetworks
[12:23] <@gigaherz> also very big matrices
[12:23] <@gigaherz> and stuff like that
[12:24] <shoegazer> heck, i'll be happy with Intel's 32nm Nehalem die-shrink
01[12:24] <Qwerty> hrm
[12:24] <@gigaherz> if you have to multiply two 10000x10000 matrices
01[12:24] <Qwerty> actually
01[12:24] <Qwerty> let me correct myself
[12:24] <@gigaherz> it'd gonna take a lot of data
[12:24] <@gigaherz> Tongue2
01[12:24] <Qwerty> For CPUs on a motherboard
01[12:24] <Qwerty> these wouldnt be as fast as todays modern CPUs
01[12:24] <Qwerty> but
01[12:24] <Qwerty> if used as a card
01[12:24] <Qwerty> almost as like a PhysX card
[12:24] <@gigaherz> yeah
01[12:24] <Qwerty> it could kick ass when you'd harness it to do something the CPU normally in PCSX2
[12:24] <@gigaherz> massively parallel computing rarely is a "main task"
[12:24] <@gigaherz> I mean
[12:25] <@gigaherz> Os
[12:25] <@gigaherz> apps
01[12:25] <Qwerty> ;o
[12:25] <@gigaherz> even normal code flow doesn't use massively parallel execution
[12:25] <@gigaherz> multiprocessing is "limited" to applications wich heavy data processing
01[12:25] <Qwerty> yup
[12:25] <@gigaherz> specially simulations
[12:26] <@gigaherz> physics, neural, whatever
02[12:26] * Quits: MKoR ( (Remote host closed the connection)
01[12:26] <Qwerty> It'd be nice, none the less, to have one at hand D;
[12:26] <@gigaherz> or you could use it for image processing too
[12:26] <@gigaherz> video encoding/decoding
01[12:26] <Qwerty> although nobody really uses it...but if more people had it..
[12:26] <@gigaherz> searching objects in images
[12:26] <@gigaherz> a 256-core card might be useful for realtime object tracking in video streams
01[12:26] <Qwerty>
[12:27] <@gigaherz> but really
[12:27] <@gigaherz> $20k?
[12:27] <@gigaherz> if it was $500 Tongue
[12:27] <LordMark> how much electricity is needed for that thingy?
[12:27] <@gigaherz> that's where I'm hopinglarrabee turns out nice
[12:27] <@gigaherz> Tongue2
[12:27] <dn> " In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at "
[12:27] <dn> wtf
01[12:28] <Qwerty> 20k, seriously
[12:28] <@gigaherz> now imagine a not-too-expensive 64-core larrabee
[12:28] <@gigaherz> Tongue
01[12:28] <Qwerty> the card my cousin brought home was PCI-E or PCI
01[12:28] <Qwerty> one of the two
01[12:28] <Qwerty> I think it was PCI-E
[12:28] <@gigaherz> used through dx11's compute shaders or directly
01[12:28] <Qwerty> it didnt require any additional power support
01[12:28] <Qwerty> or so I dont remember
01[12:29] <Qwerty> the 256 cores were center in a very small space...about 1.25" square area of space
[12:29] <LordMark> no additional power?
01[12:29] <Qwerty> had a super tiny fan with a metal block over it
[12:29] <@gigaherz> well
[12:29] <LordMark> pci-e limit is 150W right?
[12:29] <@gigaherz> he didn't say what cores were those
[12:29] <LordMark> 75W
[12:29] <@gigaherz> maybe it was ARM cores
[12:29] <@gigaherz> which are power-efficient Tongue
01[12:29] <Qwerty> and the circuit board was relatively clean from circuits, capacitors, etc
01[12:30] <Qwerty> 256 cpu cores ;o
[12:30] <@gigaherz> !calc 75/256
[12:30] <@gigaherz> gigaherz: Result(s): 0.29296875
[12:30] <+ender> Result: 0,29296875
[12:30] <@gigaherz> 0.29w/core!
[12:30] <LordMark> lol
01[12:30] <Qwerty> :\
01[12:31] <Qwerty> if they used these in consoles
01[12:31] <Qwerty> just imagine what kind of game you could produce
01[12:31] <Qwerty> oh wait
02[12:31] * Quits: JarrettH ( (Read error: Operation timed out)
01[12:31] <Qwerty> that'd be useless?
01[12:31] <Qwerty> lol
[12:31] <+Jenova266> yes it would ;p
01[12:31] <Qwerty> well
01[12:31] <Qwerty> unless you were doing a realtime rendered scene
01[12:31] <Qwerty> with several thousand AI bots
01[12:32] <Qwerty> lol
[12:32] <+Jenova266> they'd still run out of ram xD
[12:32] <+Jenova266> with like 8 bots ;p
01[12:32] <Qwerty> haha that's true
03[12:33] * Joins: JarrettH (
01[12:33] <Qwerty> anyway
01[12:33] <Qwerty> interesting topic
01[12:33] <Qwerty> I think that someday I want to become a computer the kinds who design the CPUs and stuff, fabricate them, etc
[12:34] <@gigaherz> how old are you?
[12:34] <pSXAuthor> people who design cpus do not fabricate them...
[12:34] <pSXAuthor> two completely different jobs
[12:35] <@gigaherz> yeah
[12:35] <JarrettH> they make them with toothpicks
[12:35] <JarrettH> lulz
[12:35] <@gigaherz> architects rarely build themselves
[12:35] <@gigaherz> Tongue

Date of conversation: 02-15-2009
Quote:[12:04] Abe : I got 4 gigs of ram in my lappy Laugh
[12:04] Qwerty: :]
[12:04] Abe : I won't need a new lappy for a long time
[12:04] Qwerty: I need to get better sinks for my RAM + my north and south bridge chipsets
[12:04] Abe : I hope
[12:05] Abe : unstable?
[12:05] Qwerty: so that way I can try to overclock past 3.2GHz
[12:05] Abe : lol, why do you need to go that fast?
[12:05] Qwerty: I can do 3.4GHz, but Prime95 will start reporting errors at that clock
[12:05] Abe : you've got a quad core
[12:05] Qwerty: yeah so? It's worth teh overclock ;D
[12:05] Qwerty: All the more better for emulators like PCSX2 anyway
[12:06] Abe : yeah, but what do you need the speed for?
[12:06] Abe : oh, does that emulator work well?
[12:06] Qwerty: for some games I've heard it works really well
[12:06] Qwerty: but then of course, you've got other games that don't work too well Tongue
[12:06] Abe : lol, but they all run well on a core 2 quad
[12:06] Qwerty: ie. Metal Gear Solid 5 (or whatever) works well on highend machines like mine because they optimized the emulator for that D;
[12:07] Qwerty: Otherwise it wouldn't run as good as it normally
[12:07] Qwerty: If you want maximum FPS
[12:07] Qwerty: you need a C2Q
[12:07] Qwerty: high clock
[12:07] Qwerty: good RAM
[12:07] Abe : c2q?
[12:07] Qwerty: a video card that supports sm3/4
[12:07] Qwerty: c2q = Core 2 Quad
[12:07] Qwerty: Core 2 Duo is for dual core's
[12:07] Abe : ah
[12:07] Qwerty: Core Duo is also dual cores
[12:08] Qwerty: one step up from C2D
[12:08] Abe : yeah, I have a 2.2GHz 4Meg cache C2D
[12:08] Abe : it's alright
[12:08] Qwerty: lol
[12:08] Qwerty: 3.2GHz 12Meg cache C2Q
[12:08] Qwerty: still isnt enough
[12:09] Qwerty: Well
[12:09] Qwerty: It's a lot compared to yours
[12:09] Abe : yeah
[12:09] Qwerty: I try to play Zone of the Enders -- works fine...except it has some stability issues here and there
[12:10] Qwerty: Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner -- stable, some graphical anomalies, and totally unplayable when the CPU is forced to do certain things
[12:10] Qwerty: like..when an orbital frame warps around...the distortion + fade + mirror/image effect it produces
[12:11] Qwerty: might have a little to do with sudden framedrop
[12:11] Abe : pretty sweet how they came up with the ps2 emulator
[12:11] Qwerty: from like 30 to 45 fps to 0 to 5
[12:11] Abe : reverse engineering it all
[12:11] Qwerty: ;o
[12:11] Qwerty: They should do optimizations for ZOE/ZOE2, but that'll never happen because ZOE is just one of those games that people don't usually hear about
[12:11] Qwerty: It's a great game, but it never got the publicity it needed
[12:11] Abe : lol, it must be crazy how much time these guys spent on it
[12:12] Qwerty: ;o
[12:12] Qwerty: It'd be cool if that stuff could be offloaded to the GPU
[12:12] Qwerty: but there's a reason why
[12:12] Qwerty: I wonder if that card david once brought here would be capable of doing it
[12:13] Qwerty: the one with 256 cores in parallel...the card that was worth either like a few 10,000 or 100,000
[12:13] Abe : maybe, it would require a ton of programming
[12:13] Abe : $20 grand
[12:13] Qwerty: ah, ok
[12:13] Qwerty: Compared to a GPU, was that card the same?
[12:13] Qwerty: Or slightly different?
[12:13] Qwerty: Because if its a GPU, it can't really do it.
[12:13] Abe : no different
[12:13] Abe : it's 256 simple cpus in parallel
[12:14] Abe : they can be programmed for about anything
[12:14] Qwerty: The reason CPU does it is because you have to tell the CPU what to do every step of the way, and the way the variables work can't be done mathematically on a GPU
[12:14] Abe : while a GPU can't
[12:14] Qwerty: oooOOHH
[12:14] Qwerty: That is good!
[12:14] Abe : a GPU has specialized processors in parallel
[12:14] Qwerty: I would love to see that card in action on PCSX2 O_O
[12:14] Abe : well, it could, but it may be hard to write the software
[12:14] Qwerty: A card like that is like...isn't that more like a breakthrough
[12:15] Abe : well, not exactly
[12:15] Abe : there are these chips called FPGA's (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)
[12:15] Abe : they have very simple logic gates
[12:15] Abe : hundreds of thousands of them
[12:15] Abe : you can program them to do just about anything (as long as you have enough gates)
[12:16] Abe : they use them to simulate processors before making the silicon versions
[12:16] Qwerty: D:
[12:16] Qwerty: Why don't they make CPUs with parallelism?
[12:17] Qwerty: Or is this still experimental?
[12:17] Abe : well, they can
[12:17] Abe : but there is almost no software that can take advantage of it
[12:18] Abe : that's the big problem
[12:18] Qwerty: that's really stupid
[12:18] Qwerty: o_o
[12:18] Qwerty: most software don't even take advantage of quad cores
[12:18] Qwerty: and if at all, there's the question about the efficiency
[12:19] Abe : exactly
[12:20] Qwerty: hrm
[12:21] Qwerty: they ought to start small
[12:22] Qwerty: i mean
[12:22] Qwerty: would it cost very much
[12:22] Qwerty: if they did something like
[12:22] Qwerty: dual cores in parallel @ 800mhz or something
[12:22] Qwerty: wouldnt people slowly start buying off of them?
[12:23] Abe : oh these types of boards?
[12:23] Abe : FPGA's are great, but they aren't nearly as fast as modern processors
[12:23] Qwerty: :X
[12:24] Abe : they can run at a couple gigahertz at most and each chip like that costs over $1000
[12:24] Qwerty: o_o
Session Close (Abe ): Sun Feb 15 12:35:08 2009
Session Start ( ): Sun Feb 15 12:35:28 2009
[12:35] Qwerty: for image and video processing
[12:35] Qwerty: that'd be useful
[12:35] Qwerty: reverse engineering, that'd be useful
[12:35] Qwerty: dynamic and realtime detection of objects in a video feed, useful
[12:35] Abe : yeah, but it's very hard to do
[12:35] Abe : and time consuming
[12:36] Qwerty: But it's worth the end result, isn't it?
[12:36] Qwerty: Because once the work is done, the rest is just blasting away at whatever you want to do Tongue
[12:36] Abe : well, depends on how much the end result is worth to you Wink

EDIT :: This kind of processing power would totally unlock the world of reverse engineering consoles. Tongue2 The PS3 is no doubt a piece of cake that needs more cowbell (and even less) to this parallel processing card.
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You still have to understand how to program for that sort of hardware. There's a reason stuff like that is used for extremely specific tasks.
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Imagine a PS3 OS!

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