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PSOne Widescreen Patches
true widescreen is first 2 lines but has clipping.

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(06-16-2017, 12:02 AM)gamemasterplc Wrote: true widescreen is first 2 lines but has clipping.

Sorry my fault Its indeed true 16:9.
The clipping is not the standard clipping which you see in other games. Naughty Dog used every trick in the book to boost the performance and graphics of the game. The perfect clipping for 4:3 is intentionally. Same goes for clipping which is hidden by objects as in this video explained:


It would be interesting to know if it is possible to disable the clipping without risking the performance of the game on original hardware. Perhaps you are able to find any code which does this. In shenmue 2 it works perfectly with 16:9 and clipping fix Smile
(06-15-2017, 07:14 PM)Pixelis Wrote: I think there's a problem with this code. And it's in gameplay. When you're on skateboard and jump of a ramp, Spyro rotates horizontaly, not on the angle like he is supposed to turn. (Also turning speed is smaller but it can be just a optical illusion). Can someone tell me is this only me or what?

I don't know about Spyro 3, but I've found out on Crash 1 that you can't beat the hog stages when using the widescreen codes, because the left and right controls become inverted... It's not just my bad gameplay, trust me XD:

Crash Bandicoot, PCSXR-PGXP, 1280x720@30, xBRz x3, widescreen "hor +" cheat code

I got the "hor +" code (with the clipping textures) on my e-mail at first, since @gamemasterplc seems to have edited his post to include just the "vert -" lines, which in my opinion, it does not look as good as with Crash 3, since here Crash's character model looks "bigger" overall, so more of him will be cut. And this issue also happens with that code, sadly.
The inverted controls does not make an unbeatable stage. Also check your emulator configuration.
(06-18-2017, 01:06 AM)gamemasterplc Wrote: The inverted controls does not make an unbeatable stage. Also check your emulator configuration.

Well, I did check my emulator configurations, and also disabled the integrated widescreen hack, but with this code, that issue happens. Without the codes, the controls are back to normal. I forgot to mention that it only happens in the Hog stage; on other stages the controls are normal (with the codes as well).

And I did try a fair bunch to get past that last spike post before the life crate, but I never could... Besides the inverted controls, it also limits how far the hog can go to the sides. During normal gameplay, the hog can almost clip to the sides, and the level is beatable again:

Crash Bandicoot, PCSXR-PGXP, no cheat codes

I'm not complaining about the codes, by the way. I appreciate your efforts very much, this is just feedback I'm giving.
Hi! Biggrin /

First of all, just wow! You guys have made a pretty impressive thread. Great great work! Second, I am trying to change Final Fantasy IX to widescreen and I have tried all the numbers suggested in the short guide here ( Tutorial ) but nothing ever happens. Except for one crash and a sort of glitch big/small body changer.. no aspect changes though.

I have tried changing all of these:
1000 -> 0C00                                               
1004 -> 0C03                                                  
1999 -> 1333                                                  
199A -> 1334                                              
12AA -> 0E00                                    
111A -> 0CD3                                             
1400 -> 0F00                                                     
1164 -> 0D0B                                                       
0B98 -> 08B2                                                       

What could I try next, any ideas?

[Image: YHRlp8c.jpg]

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