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PSU question ? ( modefied headline )

it is a long complicated story bottom line :

1- i have 2 Cases one that fit 25 cm long card and one 30cm with putting the HDD in the lower slot ( or whatever it name i don't care Tongue )

2- i want information for both Twin Frozor II and ASUS's DCII versions i can get both of them at the same price ( crazy local market )

3- are they going to fit don't worry the Case is opened and it will always be

help me people i might buy one of those 2 versions or i just buy the 6950 from the nearest distributor ! and that would suck ad also for the same price

my second Case will definitely fit it but it is stink dusty no eSATA nor USB2 it just there for gathering up your parts ! Tongue


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The MSI Twin Frozr II is 24cm long.
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these third party coolers are also overrated.
(11-08-2011, 05:15 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: The MSI Twin Frozr II is 24cm long.

do you think i can squeeze it up in my first Case ?
(11-08-2011, 07:43 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: these third party coolers are also overrated.

i didn't understand what you mean by "overrated"

anyway VTX3D 6950 2 GB is 28 cm long why in the hell AMD's Hardware takes that much space ! Tongue
ok so i just read this review : Radeon HD 6950 1GB vs GeForce GTX 560 Ti review

6950 1GB vs GTX560TI and i basically found that with and without OCing the 6950 wins 95% of the time !

and i found a really interesting image :


so yeah the 6950 is 28cm long and 560TI is 24cm

well the good thing that my friend is selling his 6950CF for an 570SLI Tongue

and for a really cheap price !

not to mention it is 2 GB version

now what i am really worried about is folding ( i am an active member of Arab Folders team ) i have 3 PC's so i got them for a good use Tongue

Would CUDA effect folding alot

and the really good news that because i will save money i will be able to buy FSP AURUM CM 750W as my new PSU instead of Little power 600W Smile
the 6950 runs hotter and louder.

the performance difference in most games is negligible.
(11-09-2011, 11:15 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote:
the 6950 runs hotter and louder.

the performance difference in most games is negligible.


not to mention that my friend's 6950 is HIS ( single fan cooling big cover even higher temps ) Angry

while on the other hand the VTX3D version have dual fan cooling not to mention all the heat pipes around it Smile
( check it out there is a version with a single fan cooling which one is the right one ! )

[Image: vtx3d69502gbdfb.jpg]

[Image: VTX3D_VGA3747_VX6950_2GBD5M2DH_HD6950_2G...5_PCIE.jpg]

and this

[Image: 104945.jpg]

on the other hand Twin Frozor II and DCII have excellent cooling i will be able to OC it easily Smile

i like single fan design, it ruhl sxc
[Image: 8rg00e-4.png]
OK i just got a short circuit from my cheap PSU and it ISN'T cool Angry

so i decided to by a new one immediately

i am thinking of FPS Aurum CM 750W it is just arrive to town with a price of 120$ ( and the global price is over 130$ now ! )

so my question :

Physical information about it :

15cm ( W )
8.6 cm ( H )
16 cm ( D )

now this should fit with most mid-tower Cases right ?

now i cant picture it right in my head because if you looked from a different angle the width will become Depth and the height will become width ... etc

can anyone give me a clue on how i should picture it !

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