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Paradox mp3 player for PS2
Iahri all, so yesterday i downloaded these files which apparently lets you play dvd or cd mp3s on your playstation.
I have searched for a guide for countless minutes but with no luck.
The two files are a .bin and .cue
How must these files actualy be burned? With nero..
Ive tried data disc and doesnt work, just added another coaster to my collection.
Anyone know how to?
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SMS is MUCH better.
Thanx man, i have sms but dont know how to use it, i dont have a lan cable atm either.
Ive got ULE.
What should i do with sms? Sorry and iah for da replies as my phone although quite kikass does have its web and file type limits.
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SMS supports avi(divx/xvid),mpeg(1 и 2),mp3,wma,ogg,flac,ac3,jpg,VCD and DVD-Video.You can just place it in you USB flash device or whetever you use on the PS2s USBs and start using ULE.When you start it it is possible your USB device to turn off so just unplug=>plug it and watch/listen your files.

When you start it all of the settings will be at default so press Start and start configurating as you want.

And btw you can't watch videos with very high bit rate(like those HD videos) because of the PS2 hardware limits and make sure to save your settings after configurating everything.You can play files from USB,disk,HDD and Network but from disk if you don't have modchip you have to make and burn the disk in special way
Thanks for the link brotha, ironically enough i dont have a blank cdr to burn the iso.
Will go searchn at the shops
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(06-25-2009, 04:09 PM)CodeChanger Wrote: Thanks for the link brotha, ironically enough i dont have a blank cdr to burn the iso.
Will go searchn at the shops

You don't need to burn anything if you already can boot run Ule
How do i boot ule from the usb msd?
I know you said that your chip has a menu to run the files but i have a modbo which i think are cheap chipsets so dont know bout a menu?
Ive copied freemc.elf and install folder to my msd which is an axismp3 player, dont know if that is the reason for not booting.
I have a model scph-75004 silver.
Thanks for the guiding vsub they should make you admin here
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Did you read everything that I write you on PM?
Do you even know how to use Ule?
Honestly no, i only just realised i didnt have it.
I got v4.39 should i just create a bootable DVD with the files?
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What version is your PS2?

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