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Performance isn't bad, but is it possible to improve a bit?
I am a bit of a junkie for graphics quality, so I am hoping to get good framerates with some level of HW AA and a higher-than-native internal res. I currently get framerates around the default limit most of the time but occasionally the rate drops as low as 45 for short moments with my current settings. I am wondering what is likely to be causing this and if there is anything I can do to get more consistant framerate without decreasing (or better yet, while increasing) graphic quality. I dont know if it is the graphics or my CPU that is slowing things down. My setup is as follows:

Windows 7 x64
GSDx 3068 (direct3d hardware 10/11, no interlacing, 1280x1024 internal res (native for my monitor), HW AA 0, texture filtering ticked, 8 bit textures ticked)
I don't *think* I have any speedhacks turned on

Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 (overclocked to 3.8, confirmed stable 24 hours in prime95)
ATi Radeon HD 5770 1GB (Not overclocked, but has been stably overclocked a bit before)
2GB ram
4GB pagefile

Other Information
The videocard is driving two monitors (using Eyefinity) And I am using Aero. Nothing particularly intense is going on on the second monitor, but I guess it could make a difference anyway
I run a lot of small apps in the background, but the cpu footprint is small, never more than 5% cpu. However, with a fresh boot my computer is using 1.2gb of ram. The primary game I have been playing is Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, if it matters.

I have not yet experimented with the AA settings, so i don't know if they are even functional, but if they are and I can get away with it I would prefer to get 2 or 4x AA. Any idea where I should start if I want to find the source of the drops?

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maybe lowering that internal res may help.
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Uncheck 8-bit textures should help a bit. Your 5770 have more than enough video RAM to see any benefit from it.
Also, texture filtering should be a box and not a check. Basically, apply filtering to 3D surfaces only. That will also provide some performance boost and reduce some graphical glitches on some 2D surfaces.
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You might want to install at least another 2 gb of ram. Windows 7 for me uses that just by operating with a few running programs like msn and a browser.
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It's your internal resolution. Try lower it to 1024x768 or another, lower 4:3 res. You will lose polygon quality, but it shouldn't be that bad compared to the FPS gain.

Also, utilize those speedhacks. It may take some troubleshooting to get everything to work, but you can gain considerable speed depending on the game.

As for AA, good luck getting it to work and still be anything playable. I just enable Anisotropy and set it to 8x and it smooths out most jaggies. I heard somewhere that using your cards drivers for AA and Anisotropy is better than relying on the plug-ins.
I'd suggest keeping the nearest the internal original resolution or multiples of it, least getting strange lines and graphics glitches...
more important maybe is keeping nearest the monitor's native resolution (even if with black borders) in a LCD monitor. Notice I'm not talking about the internal resolution here but the window size.

PS: this is more meaningful in real full screen but still somehow true for the faked one.
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