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Persona 3 to P3 FES save transfer

I have a Persona 3 savegame somewhere in the middle of the game and i'd like to carry over the save (as far as possible meaning traits and max S. link items) to Persona 3 FES. Both games are/were played/saved while using pcsx2.

When starting a new game in P3FES you are asked to import a save file but when it opens up the save game thingy there are no saves at all. Just empty slots.

I can still find the saves when starting persona 3.
I tried turning all the options in memorycardconfig on and off.
I found a post quoteing from an Atlus board admin that it should be possible to carry over a save even when the game was not finished:
Site Admin
9. Do I need to finish Persona 3 to import my data into P3 FES?
No. Whether you have a clear save or are only partway into the first month, Persona 3 FES can read the aforementioned data and import it into your new file of The Journey.

I would also be thankful if anyone could provide a P3FES europe PAL savegame that has maxed traits but still lvl1 char/no special items/no perfect personas (no stats maxed no perfect ability set etc..)
though lvl1 char and maxed traits would be more than enough.. the no personas part seems a little bit impossible to me?!
I found the saves on gamespot but they are a little bit too high and mighty to enjoy the game...

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Are you using the same memcard file for both games? If so they should work to transfer unless you're using different versions of the games (not sure if it works on that case).

Doubt it's a problem with PCSX2 so I'm moving the thread to chatterbox.
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(07-28-2010, 11:53 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: unless you're using different versions of the games (not sure if it works on that case).

this was the problem (pal to ntsc)

Some advise for anyone who encounters the same problem...

use mymc to extract savefile from memcard:
(some files were missing in the new download get them here:
thanks to vsub for providing the missing files)

go to
search their download section for [ps2 save builder]
check their FAQs for the NTSC to PAL save convert faq (and use it!)
get the file ID (root file ID?! dunno what to call it..) from any ntsc persona 3 save you can get your hands on...
for example here:

after changing the filename and ID use mymc to import the edited file back on you memorycard

be happy that it works Smile

thanks again!

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