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Phenom 965 BE vs i5 760 in differente Condition !
Hi guys , Its me again with my Stupid Questions but its too important so please Read & help , PLz x 1000

OK i was planing to Go for i5 760 & ATI 6870 , i have no OC Plan No crossfireing plan or Sling plan , i only play First or Third person games & i dont play games that camera is from above , for example i dont play games like END WAR , Dawn of war ( & such types ) ill play Crysis , aram 2 , GTA IV & COD 7 & simliar Games . now i am sure about my Choosed VGA card & i know it will work very great in any Game Because my Resolution is 1440 , But i found Phenom 965 BE which costs me Much cheaper ! But i am little afraid of buying Phenom 965 BE because its Slower than i5 , & i Think i will get Lags while i am playing GTA IV or ARMA 2 ( specialy in Crowded Wars with Lost of Troops ) , my Res is 1440 & thats mean CPU gonna do much of the Work & What if Phenom not gonna handle such games as Good as i5 ?

based on my Needs & what i currently Have & my Plans answer this :

WILL PHENOM 965 BE gonna be a GREAT OPTION in my Condition or i have to get i5 760 for so much faster GAming ?

Simply How much the Difference Between i5 760 & Phenom 965 Black Edition will be in my Condition ( in my Case )? Noticible ?

Sorry i asked a lot but i wish i can get Great Answer from u dear members TNX

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i5 760 is so better i chose it to my laptop and nividia chose it too
and i recommended it it can easily overclocked and for pcsx2 with the i architecture you will almost see full speed on playable games on pcsx2
and ati 6870 is perfect new nice and dont forget expensive
Will you be using it with PCSX2? If you'll only be using it for PC games, the 965 BE is a great chip. More often than not, you'll be GPU-bound anyway.

Actually, in PCSX2, if you're only running at stock clocks, the 965 BE should perform around the same as the i5-760 (with Turbo disabled). The i5-760 just has an advantage since Turbo adds 10~20% more performance on Lynnfield.
no just for PC !
i would have to go with sandy bridge i5. comes out in 2 days
wait just few more days (till it reaches stores) phenom II 975BE is OUT
perfect for pocket (not too expensive) and yet it will do all pcsx2 u need from him
amd phonem II 975be is not as good as i5 though ( but it is cheaper )
now thats where u are wrong
stop repeating like parrot what other people are saying.
phenom 955 is already beating i5
956 and 957 are even stronger
i5 = old ,overpriced,not worth investing money,and as future upgrade is even more expensive.

1.either buy i7 if u are Rockefeller ,
2.or u invest in amd 975 with easy money and for future upgrade as well.

Read article:

have some reading first e?
i think to the future i can overclock i 5 so it can reach about 4ghz
and that amd cpu ( not just this one but all of the amd cpus ) they overclock very hard when i see how my friend overclock his i 5 ( i think that cpu is made for overclocking )
oc problem in amd BE? :-)
Please do not listen to other ppl telling and passing them as truth ,until u know for your self!
they Are Called BE (Black Edition) for reason ...
it has unlocked multiplier!
which means there is no need for smart pants overclocking just change multiplier in bios settings or even in Windows using AMD Overdrive and u are good to go!
atm i have 965BE default stock 3.4 ghz which is with Vendeta cooler clocked to 4.2ghz with max load temp's of 42C
for 4.2 it requires soem tweaking of vcore coltage so its not recomended for "everyday users"
but stable 4ghz without too much thiking can be achieved with just multiplier change to higher.

Vendeta and similar strong coolers are always required if u wanna play OC-ing no matter what cpu u are using.Price is 30+Euros

there is no such thing as problem oc-ing BE editions of AMD

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