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Playstation 2 Region Question
Hi there guys.A friend of mine wants to buy an ntsc game for his pal region ps2(the model is scph-50004) and I/he has/have some questions.
1)Will the game play as normal?I have heard that it either won't play or the colours will be displayed in black/white only.Is this real?
2)If 1 is real,then can this problem be solved with a modchip?
3)If 2 is no,then can this problem be solved with the Free McBoot exploit?

Plz answer asap.Thanks is advance.

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It will not play without a modchip, and depending on the TV, it might result in lack of color, but many TVs support ntsc just fine nowdays.
The game will work if his PS2 have modchip,Swap Magic,FMCB installed or any other way to run backups but it is possible to have problems with the color(as mention above)
Ok guys.Thanks very much for your answers.I'am gonna tell my friend his options.

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