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Please don't give up, Gabest
Gsdx still needs you, to become perfect.
At least let us know, you're still with us.

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It's only been a couple months since he took his hiatus. He does have real life things he needs to do.

That said, there has still been a lot of progress with GSDx even in his absense including the new really great scaling option which fixes the ghosting in 99% of games that had it. The only difference is that there aren't any hourly builds anymore. That said if you're desperate for new GSDx, the compile guide is available and you can use that to compile the latest builds.
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MMM,as far i know,gabest didnt "give up" on this project.He is maybe on vacations and actually he deserves it,so be patient =.=
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The only answer is donate money to him to continue. Don't forget at one point that he didn't work on GSdx for 3 years.
nah,i dont think you will have to "pay" for him to "work",i mean he totally deserves it,but as far as i know all the devs here are doing this for free
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[Image: 17715.png]
I meant that as an incentive to work on it, not to make it seem like he will only do it if he is paid. You people also forget that Gabest said awhile back that the code would need a major overhaul (hardware renderer especially), which takes a lot of time and dedication. I'm just happy he came back after those three years.

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