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Please help me choose a case
I can't decide between these NZXT H2: me love the HDD hot-swap bay, but think it's a bit ugly CM Storm Trooper: me like the look, but its hot-swap bay is 2,5" only Corsair Graphite 600T: me love the look, but it has no hot-swap capability at all SilverStone Raven 2 Evolution: me like the design, but having to remove the side panel to hot-swap HDD kinda defeats the purpose of having a hot-swap bay COSMOS II: this one is almost perfect, except for the ridiculous price tag Thermaltake Chaser MK-I: almost perfect, has HDD dock, but the blue bits are ugly

This is for my next Ivy Bridge build. Thanx anyone who reply = P
[Image: 53146021.jpg]

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all of them are either bland or dust traps.

They all have dust filters.

Which case is not bland or dust trap then? Laugh
[Image: 53146021.jpg]
well, tastes vary, but of late i haven't really seen many good looking cases.

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