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Pls Help
Can anybody tell me how to load a saved game in narutimate accel 2, because i cant read japanese....

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Is that a game you can change the language for?
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(10-24-2009, 10:21 AM)KrazyTrumpeter05 Wrote: Is that a game you can change the language for?

narutimate accel 2 is Japanese only.
Davethedark normally it's like this(like any other naruto game),the load menu is the second one and you must use O rather than X to confirm(X is chancel in Japanese games).When you enter the load screen and select the save it will appear a question(something like "are you sure you want to load")

If you have any other Ultimate Ninja game then it's the same but you just use O for Yes
OKk i have that game all you have to do is press start to skip videos,then in the main screen highlight the second option then press O(circle),then press circle like 2 or 3 times and thats all.
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thanks for the advice
you are welcome ^^
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