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Problems with charging laptop
Hey everyone, first off I'd like to thank the developers for the awesome emulator. I have a bit of problem with my laptop...

Right now I'm playing Persona 4 with pretty good results. The fps is stable except in a few of the heavier areas. However when I plug in my laptop to charge it my fps drops significantly. I don't see why playing the emulator while my laptop is plugged in would cause this, but I was hoping someone else would have an answer?

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the power profile is set to reduce the gfx performance when plugged in for some reason.
Is it possible that while in battery mode you are using a power plan like "Max Performance" while in AC mode you are using something like "Energy Star"? Try messing with your power settings and make sure you are at max performance.
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I have everything...
the plan itself does not change between plugged in and not plugged in, just the settings within the plan.

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