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Problems with control in some games on PCSX2 1888
Hi, I have problems with some games on PCSX2 1888.

I use PS3 controller and during the test it works fine, but in such games like GOW2 and Beyond Good And Evil and Gungrave my control buttons don't work. I just stand and can't move but can act.

So tell me plz wtf? I am a bit surprised of such things and I can't find any info about such probs...

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I bet it's linux's fault.
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I use Windows 7 64
That helps much. It clears everything up, like what game, what controller, what plugins and what settings you use.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sorry, there was a bug on the site,so I had to edit my message)

What do you mean plugins? all plugins that I use?

They are practicaly all by defaults.

Btw my controller's plugin is Lilypad svn (r1853) 0.10.0

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