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Processor help ;o!
I have an AMD Turion II Ultra Dual Core M660, @ 2.7ghz (not overclocked..yet)

Now according to this: - I have SSE3 support. However, when selecting the SSE3 plugin it says my CPU doesn't support it..? SSE2 works... was the website wrong?

Oh and can anyone tell me what I could probably overclock this to?

Thankshhh ^^.

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Notice the extra 's' of SSSE3? your cpu doesn't have it. And I suggest not to attempt to OC a laptop...
Yeah, I just realized that, and was about to edit my post.. yergghhh. I just exchanged my old (24 days old xD) laptop for this one. Damn AMD. Mmm my old laptop had an AMD phenom x3 n830, this one is mentioned above, not sure what was better. But this computer has a Radeon HD 4530, and the other one was 4250... So, an improvement in my opinion. (reasoning behind exhange was because I was hoping to find a 600 pound i5 laptop with a radeon 4650 I think it was...out of stock....)

Why is OC'ing ill-advised?
Why is OC'ing ill-advised?

one word: heat
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Ahhh. Got ya.

Thanks for the info guys. You all know a lot more than me aha.

Edit: And just put on FFX, and fortunately, runs great!
Why is OC'ing ill-advised?

I'd say, because you have questions about it. Wink

If you wish to OC your laptop's CPU, you should do enough research to have no questions, know what I mean?

In the end, only you can decide if it's possible or appropriate in your situation. You should feel confident in your understanding of the risk and your ability to minimize it. You should have overclocking available in BIOS and YOU should know if your temps are near their limits or not (under stress, of course).

Overclocking a mobile CPU is possible, but not very common.
Check the PLL ID on your laptop mobo.
If you are lucky, you can find it in the supported list of SetFSB.
Do note that this program is quite hard to use and also the stuff mentioned above.
Laptops get near the recommended heatlimit by default.
[Image: 1454055.png]
Got it. And yeah, definitely don't want to Oc this laptop. I've done my research, and it's hot enough as it is.

all yours Wink
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Ahhh. Thanks for that info sir ^^.

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