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Project Unification - Comprehensive Cheat Manager for PCSX2
Hello everyone!

I know that, as a long time user of PCSX2, (who has never posted on the forums before), a comprehensive cheat solution has long been desired by myself and the community.  I know solutions have been tried before that didn't pan out, leaving the community with no highly user friendly comprehensive cheat solution, but I am hoping that day changes today.

That is why I am happy to announce the immediate availability of Project Unification - a comprehensive cheat solution/manager for PCSX2!

Please be aware this is an alpha build, and is being released as version as the initial release.  This means that the software is definitely not completely bug free, and is not yet feature complete.  The database will hopefully have many more games in future releases.  This release is primarily for testing and feedback in case there are any issues that I have overlooked.  With that said, as the version number suggests, I have been working on multiple builds of Project Unification during 2016.  So, even though this is an alpha release, I believe it has matured to the point that it is pretty useable and useful.

I am extremely interested in any bug reports, feature suggestions, or other feedback on this build.  I will be reading this thread in for such reports and feedback.

Remember, it is VERY likely that you will need to install the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 redistributable in order to use Project Unification due to Project Unification making extensive use of a Microsoft Access database.  You can install this very easily and completely for free by downloading "AccessDatabaseEngine.exe" from

I hope that the community finds this to be a viable long-term solution to finally making using cheats with PCSX2 a highly user-friendly and reliable experience.

Just wanted to update that the website is now live at

UPDATE 1/22/2017:

I just wanted to provide a quick update to everyone.

The last three versions of Project Unification that I have released have brought about many features/bug fixes that I thought would take me longer to get around to doing.  With the latest beta release of Project Unification, I feel that it's now time to make Project Unification more of a production use piece of software rather than testing builds.

To that end, I will now shift to spending time growing the Project Unification game code database.  Currently, Project Unification only has ONE game in the database - Xenosaga Episode 1.  Although I have (hopefully) made it easy for users to add their own games/codes to the database, I will be focusing on adding codes for some of the big name PS2 games hopefully in the next release.  My end goal is to have a comprehensive database of games/codes included with Project Unification for all users.

As far as upcoming features - the next feature I plan to add is what I am envisioning as a type of "pro mode".  Basically, this will be an option that will generate the PNACH file, but allow for manual edits of it after (or before) that in plain text from within Project Unification.  

No ETA on when I'll release the database update or pro mode build, but hopefully within 1-2 months!

****Please see the below post for the newest version available for download******

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Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that version BETA of Project Unification is now available for download!  I have attached it to this message, and it will also be available on .

I will attach a screenshot of the major new feature of this release.  (the ability to see comments from the database)

Please see the changelog below:

Project Unification Change Log:

1/20/2017 Version BETA

*First BETA release of Project Unification!
*Code comments from the database now appear when checking a checkbox to enable a code! (*Only if the code has a comment provided for it in the database.)
*Added the ability to enable/disable the above mentioned code comments feature in the configuration menu.
*Eliminated some of the need to close and open Project Unification in certain events for changes to take effect.
*Added some logic to handle different code deletion scenarios.
*Added a confirmation to unselect all codes.

1/8/2017 - Version ALPHA

*Added the ability/feature to edit codes.
*Added the ability/feature to rename games.
*Eliminated some of the need to close and open Project Unification in certain events for changes to take effect.
*Added text to enhance the user experience in the "Add A Cheat" form.
*Loaded the code list for the first game in the database automatically when opening Project Unification.
*Fixed multiple confirmation dialogs appearing when deleting multiple codes.
*Fixed a graphics rendering issue.
*Minor UI tweaks.

1/3/2017 - Version ALPHA

*Initial Project Unification ALPHA release.

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The beta version of Project Unification is out!

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