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Ps3 Controller Help
I've looked around the forum a bit and cant find exactly what I need help on, so sorry if its already on here. So I connect my ps3 controller to my computer, start the emulator and go to config controller to set my controls. But my ps3 controller is being completely unresponsive, it wont set the controls, im using the pressure pad one to config not the lilypad. Can anybody help me? Im using XP btw not vista.

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It need to be known by Windows, if it is it'll show up in LilyPad plugin "Device Diagnostics" and must be selected and be responsive in the "Test" button window. If it's not there or isn't responsible there... is in Windows drivers you need to look for the problem.

Take a screenshot of that LilyPad window and post it here, it may help us to understand the issue and be able to help you.
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First of all you need PS3 drivers which enables you to use the PS3 controller on a computer. Go google MotionJoy and download that.
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