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Ps3 controller not detected by windows. Please help
I recently started using my ps3 controller on my pc to play dark souls and it worked fine for a few days.
1.I plugged my controller in the usb port using a crappy ps3 charging wire.
2 Windows installed the drivers for it.
3.I used Motionjoy.

Everything was fine except for the random disconnecting of the controller. Until the disconnecting so bad that it would disconnect after playing for a few seconds. I determined that the problem was the ps3 charger because if i kept fidgeting with the USB side of the charger it would connect for maybe half a second and then disconnect again. I tried multiple ports and it only connects for half a second...So i went out and bought a dual charging cable( charges 2 ps3 controllers with one wire) and when i plug it in my pc windows doesn't even detect it, doesn't make a sound or anything. If i check in my driver manager there is no ps3 controller connected.
Please help this problem is getting really annoying... i spent 3 hours researching and couldn't find any answer.......

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I also had the same problem with aftermarket PS3 charging cables.. Return that dual charging cable to the store where you bought it and grab the Original official Sony PS3 charging cable and there shouldn't be any problems after that. Where I come from those Official Sony PS3 charge cables only cost $5-10 Laugh
Ok thanks, i'll return them today. I just grabbed the first cables i saw Biggrin
uninstall motionjoy

Did you found any solution to your problem ?
I'm facing same problem as yours can you please help me out.

(08-29-2012, 03:01 PM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: uninstall motionjoy


Hey i tried uninstalling motionjoy but still its not working . Please help me out , it will be a great help to me.

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