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Psx: How does edgbla's gpu plugin comare to Pete's?
Hi. Which PS1 plugin do you guys consider better for use in the PS1 emulators(psxeven, epsxe, pcsxr, etc)....edgbla's Bladesoft gpu Plugin or Pete's Open GL/D3D plugin?

I have been messing around with the gpuBladesoft plugin for a couple hours, and I'm not really feeling it. There seems to be very little difference in image quality between the different settings. Furthermore, any internal res settings past 2x2 makes games run very slow. I do like the simplified approach he's taken to the gui and settings however. But there's just not that in terms of features compared to Pete's.

What are your thoughts on how this new Bladesoft plugin compares to Pete's OPGL/D3D ones?

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unless it can use Pixel shader effects like Petes OPGL2 plugin I think its not something I would use

oh forgot to ask which site did you from anyway
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Depends a lot on your game as well.
Try Pete's OpenGL 1 and 2 series. They do things differently.

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