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Pushing PCSX2 Too the Limit with ENB postprocesing. (video)
Hi just wanted to ask what do you think about ENB or did you ever heard about it . Most recently its known from GTA. ENB uses DX9 and if properly programed it has efx like Ambient Occulsion , Motion Blur , Deapth of field and many more.

And i tryed it with many games. I allways wondered how it will doo with PCSX2. I played a lot with the settings and made custom Color Pallete in Cinema 4d soo it would make colors more realistic IMO.

Here are my experiments with different tweeking.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater

Shadow of Colossus

Front Mission 5

I will post my configurations soon. I just got a mess with many files.
But what do you think. Is this will be the future of emulation. Like Sal filtering or OGL shaders are now ??

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