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Q about new game + in Growlanser Heritage of War
When you load your clear game data,you have an option to skip roles till the main role and when you load any role(including the main role),you get 9 M2 Amulets.

My question is,are those amulets are carried over to the next role till the main role or I can use them only in the role I started.

I always start from the main role just because I don't want to waste my time just to check if those amulets are carried over.

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Sorry I can't help you here but I've got another question Tongue2
Are the PS2 Growlanser games any good in your opinion?
I played only that(and I think this is the only good game...the other are in Japanese and there is one that is not but by looking at videos and images...I didn't like it)and at the begging I didn't like it but after that(when I started to understand it),it started to become better and better(I like the part that almost everything is voice overed and the voice actors are to bad at all)

At some point I started wonder "how long is this game"...I played and I played and I played but the end never come.It probably took me more than 70 hours to finish it

Good music,good voice actors,good story...I can't think of anything bad about this game(well except that,it have items(easy to get)that can make the game really easy.The last boss was on 5 hits(I think)from my overpowered main character(I didn't use any cheats or those M2 Amulets on my main character)
I'll answer my question myself...yes,once the character role end,the M2 Amulets are unequipped from the characters and carried over to the next role.

I tried with Fanille role(because her role is the shortest and once I finish it,the amulets were carried over to the main role)

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