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Question about emulation ...
Well, I do not know if it's a stupid asks from, but ...

The security of consoles and systems intereativos online will end or weaken future projects emulators?

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Wut? O.o
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Simply put. No. Emulation is emulation. You emulate the whole device to react as a real device. The security doesn't know if it's the real thing or not.
(03-15-2013, 07:39 PM)KrossX Wrote: Wut? O.o

The text was confusing?
Yes. I dunno what'cha mean.

Do you mean something like "Would emulating the PS8 be more difficult with the rise of online games?" or is it like "Would emulating a console be more difficult if it has some sort of online checked hypervisor?"...

I think it's like, if the system allows other OS then you install some linux and start doing tests for homebrew and emulation that runs homebrew stuff. Then it gets cracked, then you emulate the other things that by/pass the security checks and whatnots so as to run commercial games.

Even if all games are online, the game still has to load and reach a point where it complains about the lack of connection or something. And then to reach gameplay you would need network working and a game account. But if it's some sort of Windows Live stuff, then that should run properly without hack first I think.... so yeah, it would be very tricky to reach gameplay of commercial games.

But then it's like .. "Meh, the PS8 is another x86-128 again. Better make a Xebra for Dreamcast instead."

Or I understood the question wrong and if so... sorry~ Tongue2
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