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Question about my specs and running pcsx2 better
alrite im new to the hole ps2 emulator thing

so ima give you guys my specs of my high end pc

and if you can be so kind as to give me advice on the settings i should use to better run the emulator

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
CPU- Intel i7-2600k - Overclocked to 4500.0 mhz
GPU- Zotac NVIDIA geforce 580 3Gig
Mobo- Asus p8z68-V
Sound- Onboard sound
Monitor- Asus 24inch flatscreen LCD
Resolution- 1920x1080

and it prob dose not matter but just incase
im using a ps3 dual shock remote for a controller

thanks and lmk Smile

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Nice specs. With that kind of specs, you won't have issue with 90+ percents of the games out there. But there some demanding games out there that might not run full speed, even with your specs (unless speedhacks is used). Here are some of the demanding games that i can name off the top of my head.

Zone of the Enders series, Grand Turismo 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid series, Dynasty Warrior series (i believe it was part 5 of the series).

If you could test these demanding games without using speedhacks then that would be great! I'm more particularly interested in Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner boss fights (first and second boss battles).
um yah i just got to find the iso for them and i could check them out for you

but i can tell you shadow fo the colossus was my fav game on the ps2 so natuarly i got that first

it lags prity hard goes from 50+ fps down to 6-20fps when in shadows and on your horse

the only time i did not lag that bad is when in a boss fight witch i thought was kind of weird

then i tried the speed hacks things got a little better but not rlly that noticble

DDRMAX2 wors 100% perfect

im tring Champions return to arms right now sence that was also one of my fav games

but it seams to have a half screen/crashing problem

im hoping theres a fix but yah ill try zone of enders for you
You should use the official Pcsx2 1.0.0

I don't remember get 6 fps on Shadow of the Colossus. The lowest I've ever gotten was in the 20's fps if memories serve me right...
it was just in some spots like i sead lowest i got normaly was 20

and yes ofc im using the newest pcsx version 1.0.0
Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner

if you also use a high end pc mabey you can tell me some settings to use etc
- DX11 is faster than DX9
- Use SSE4.1 or above for your processor for the GS setting
- Use speedhacks if you're having slowdown on games. I generally slide those sliders to the middle, no need to max it out.

Don't go too crazy about upping the resolution or add any FXAA on ZOE2 if you're testing because even at native resolution, that game is still slow. I usually test ZOE2 at 1360x768 lol even though i have a gtx 580 3gb. You shouldn't use speedhacks for ZOE2 testing because even i can get full speed if i use speedhacks... Also, the MTVU (multicore hack) slow down this game for some reason, so i don't recommend you to use it. Best to just turn off the speedhacks tab completely.

Here are my videos of ZOE 2 boss fights:

Skip to 7:16

Skip to 4:30
Alrite on boss fight 1

all my settings where on the default settings agspet i set mine to widescreen mode

ingame was as smooth as butter nothing below 59fps
but in some 3d cutceans it laged droped as far as 40fps

but other than that it was very smooth ingame play no lag

ill work my way to boss 2 now and ill update you
Some screenshots of the slowest fps area or spots would be nice. Also, this is on a 4.5GHz Core i7 2600k with a gtx 580 3gb, right?
that is correct

but i dont have screen shots or anything like that

but i was watching my fps the hole time it it never droped bellow 59 ingame
but like i sead in some 3d cutseans it did lag a bit

and again it had no lag whatsoever in the boss fight

what is this for anyhow?

if its important i can go back through and do it again

with like a video screen recorder or somthing
Typically, recording a video would slow down pcsx2 even more. Unless you remember what fps was the lowest then compared it to the recorded video and note how much fps was lost during the recording. You can download Fraps and take screenshots. Or if recording video doesn't slow down pcsx2 then go for it. Check out this guy video:

His specs:
- Core i5 2500K 4.5GHz
- HD5770 =/ which is not enough for this game and is likely to bottleneck his CPU and this game.

But i'm really liking how he's recording without losing fps or losing much fps??

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