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Question about random crash

I just had a random crash during Tales of the Abyss, and since I'm running speedhacks I'm not reporting it as a bug. I was just curious and wanted to know in simple terms what the following means:

(EE pc:8000CBB8) TLB Miss, addr=0xd [store]
(EE pc:8000CBBC) TLB Miss, addr=0xcd [store]
(EE pc:8000CBC0) TLB Miss, addr=0xcd [store]
(EE pc:8000CBC4) TLB Miss, addr=0xcd [store]

That is the code that was generated when the crash happened.

Thanks for putting up with all of my questions, this emulator just interests me a lot. Tongue

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are you using speed hack and patches???try disable everything.
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