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RAM support
i opened Gigabyte page and searched of my motherboard p55-usb3l
and i read that it support until 2200+ memory frequency !!!! Blink
and the weird thing that any cpu i can support only support 1033 and 1333 ( LGA 1156 ) memory types Wacko
can anyone explain

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Maybe theres a CPU for LGA 1156 that suports 2200 mhz.
No CPU can, that is purely for overclockers.

For example my memory is 1800mhz stuff, but my cpu only supports 1066 (stupid first gen i7's!), but ive got it OC'd now and the memory is running happily at 1780mhz Smile
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refraction, remember to overclock your baseclock otherwise you won't be taking advantage of alot of the bandwidth. ;p, first gen i7's memory performance is directly linked to the QPI and Uncore clock rates.

also keep c-state tech enabled, you get a 4GB write bandwidth hit if you disable it :|
so can i add a 2200+ mhz RAM to my motherboard
or just overclocking my 1333 to 2200
If your ram isn't designed for 2200 you probably shouldn't overclock it to those levels. When they say "overclock" they mean overclocking the timings on their motherboards to match the levels of the ram.
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