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Rate this cheap pc build or pcsx2
I tried my best to make a full pc build, that is around the price of a modern day video game console, that can play modern games and pcsx2 at around 1280 x 720.

I really wanted to go with the Pentium G6950. That cpu is a new 2.8GHz 32nm dual core cpu based on the nehalem architecture of the core i7s so it's faster clock for clock than the Core 2 duos, and it also overclocks like a beast, you can take it to 4GHz easily sometimes without voltage increases, 4.5GHz is semi common with it.

But, I couldn't because it was over the budget, so I went with an Athlon II, it's not as fast but when overclocked it can get to the high 3GHz range, maybe 4 if you are lucky. Since it's based on the new Phenom II cpus it's actually not complete crap in terms of performance. It should do well enough.

The gpu in this build is weaker than the Radeon 4670, but stronger than the 4650. It should be good enough to handle games at 720p.

And the whole build is $350, that's the price of a 250GB Playstation 3.

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The Athlon II is a bad choice. It was made with the old AMD architecture which is known to be about 30% slower clock to clock compared to Core 2 Duo. So if you can, get a Core 2 Duo instead.
Phenom II would have the same effect but I guess that makes the price go way higher than you want. The GT 220 will be enough for most games I guess but it will cause you slowdowns in others (even in low resolutions)

Edit: There are Athlon X2 that are Phenom II based? I guess in that case it could be viable...but only if overclocked of course.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The Athlon II X2 cpus are based on the Phenom II, the Athlon 64 X2 and Athlon X2 are the old K8 architecture ones. Unless you have a Kuma Athlon X2, those are based off of the original Phenoms. Yes I know it's kind of confusing. I made sure not to get any of the old Athlons, these new Athlon II X2 cpus are good money. The only difference is in the cache there is no 6MB L3 cache on these things but I think it was said that cache doesn't matter much for this emulator so it's good.

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