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Do you people know about ReactOS? I was just wondering, as it's a free alternative to windows, and runs windows apps quite well in certain areas. The big problems it has are lack of USB support, lack of SATA Support, not much DirectX support (if at all), and many more things lacking, hence why it's called alpha and hence why most people run it in a Virtual Machine.

One of the apps in the 0.3.10 testing phase was PCSX2, but it was removed from that list, as DirectX 9 is definitely NOT supported. I was wondering if people could help test PCSX2 on ReactOS (legally of course, lol.) I would help, but I'm reluctant due to the amount of power needed to just run the virtual machine.
ReactOS, check it out.

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With little DX support or USB support for game pads...what's the point?
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What's the point of posting what's the point?
ReactOS, check it out.
I have to side with the Trumpeter on this one -- you didn't really give an explanation of how testing pcsx2 under ReactOS would be at all worthwhile without at a minimum of some reasonable amount of DX9 support.

Keep in mind that since 0.9.6 PCSX2's operating system related code is generally very simple and straightforward. Older versions of pcsx2 used the VM system which was much more complicated and literally used a lot of low-level memory manipulation that is normally intended as limited use by core device drivers only. Without that though pcsx2 is just another plain app, pretty much -- and one that doesn't use any modern common controls, no OLE, and favors ANSI C libraries over Win32 APIs when possible.

To put it simply: excluding the use of a DX9 GS plugin, there's really nothing stopping PCSX2 0.9.6 from running under ReactOS. If it can't run a GS-less 0.9.6 then the OS would be in really really bad shape.

Now if ReactOS ever gets some amount of DX9 support then yea PCSX2 could be used as a DX9 test. I doubt there's a point otherwise.
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How about ZZogl graphic plugin? it must at least support that right? Doesnt need to be limited by DX
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(07-27-2009, 05:06 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: How about ZZogl graphic plugin? it must at least support that right? Doesnt need to be limited by DX

OpenGL is supported by ROS, yes. I'm not quite sure about how fully they support it though.

Edit: Here's a quote from ReactOS IRC on freenode: "Don't know how complete it works, but it's enough to run glclock at > 600 fps in reactos"
ReactOS, check it out.
wow... never know this kind of os exist...

i think its emulating the win API calls...

if it support SDL lib, then running PCSX2 is possible.
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Yes, ROS supports SDL lib.
ReactOS, check it out.
Possible? Yes. In computer science, nearly anything is possible.

But until there's some major support for DirectX, not going to happen anytime soon. A major stumbling point indeed.
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