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Really really newb.
I'm new here and I'm not too positive on the rules and whatnot, I did read the rules thread so I get the gist of it. Anyways since I'm a little confused with all the acronyms, can you play a regular ps2 disc on the PCSX2? Help is very much appreciated, I'm by no means a newb when it comes to tech work.

EDIT: I posted in this part of the forums as a friendly gesture to get to know the rules and whatnot.

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You can play with a normal ps2 disc at PCSX2.
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(07-27-2009, 09:30 PM)yunsabit Wrote: You can play with a normal ps2 disc at PCSX2.

Hm, I may need to setup a bug thread then, because it gives me a CDVD disc read error.
I can tell you right now it's not a bug. Configure the cdvd plugin properly after reading the configuration guide.
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