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Recommended PC for Valkyire Profile Silmeria 2?
I'm planning on building a desktop PC sometime in the near future in order to play Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria at its ultimate quality (6x Native, texture filtering, no speed hacks etc).

Now from what I've read (the CPU / GPU Guide, PCSX2 Wiki) in order to get a high frame rate the CPU and GPU must be relatively powerful. What the CPU guide doesn't indicate however is the in game benchmarks. At present with my i5-2430M/6630M combo, I'm able to play the FFX-2 FMV at 30fps (60fps with the default + Multi-core hack) however when it comes to Valkyrie Profile Silmeria I reach no where near that level (same settings).

Regardless do you have any recommendations as to what sort of GPU/CPU combo that could achieve more than 60fps (near perfect) throughout the game with no speed hacks and the resolution at 6x Native?

Also (this is going way off topic) is it possible for the software mode in GSDX to have the ability to upscale textures like that in Hardware mode?

PC Specifications
Model: Sony Vaio SA3
OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit
CPU: Intel i5-2430M
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz
HDD: Toshiba 128GB SSD
DVD Drive: Matsushita DVD-RAM
Resolution: 1600x900

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i can tell you my experience with this title, i have an i7 960 @ 4.0ghz and a GTX580 3gb and i can play mostly of the game at Flawless 60fps in X5 ress (no speed hacks just multi thread mtvu), excepts some points like the forests, where i have to drop to x4 because the FPS become erratics.
I don't know how the new GTX branch of nvidia may works, probably better, i don't know if better enough to play at 6x in that though areas.

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