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Resident Evil Outbreak Saves
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! /EMO /Pulls Hair Out !!!
I have been messing with this literally over a week... I have used PCSX2 since it damn near came out and could hardly run anything but well.. My real PS2 finally killed my IRL memory card so i'm sad to say the least. RE Outbreak was one of my favorite games for the system and I would like to replay it more but with everything I have earned over the years. I tried PS2 save game loader and mymc they work fine. But when i try to load them in game on PCSX2 its like i never changed the memory cards at all. Save does not exist. Also tried patches (GS codes etc) to no avail so I give up... If any kind soul has a memory card slot I could have with RE Outbreak save max on it please let me know!! TY all for hearing my online cry lol.

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