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If this post is better placed in the hardware/software forum is something I can't really say. That's because it's not about the hardware and the software themselves I did wish to talk but the psychological impact of buying such card.

In the end this forum seemed the correct one.

Being it a titanium series may have importance because two factors, one being PCI-E instead the PCI version, what may be or may be not meaningful to the thing being so hard, almost impossible to install under win 7 with the original drivers. The other, at the extent I know, it's still the only x-fi version to have at least a minimalist support from Creative to Linux.

Well, this thing is hard to install (did I already tell it?) but once it's done the result is surprisingly good. The new baby almost shamed the former Audigy used by me.

Actually the only way I found, at the time this was writen, to make it work was using third party driver, AKA the Daniel_K hacked drivers. Windows just return "no supported hardware found" when trying to install the original ones. Frustrating, very very frustrating.

Now, even using the hacked driver (reported to sound better for those who actually managed to install the card someway or in some other OS version and mode) becomes obligatory prior removing anything pertaining to almost any former sound present in the machine at insane level. That implies actual and normal software removers, going security mode and sweeping vestiges from the past, running ccleaner on the register; forcing the device manager to show the hidden ones and removing anything related to sound there... and pray.

But, once it's done the result is worthy the trouble I must reaffirm. One just must be prepared for a hard work him/herself (probably despairing) or leave the install to experienced technician.

That's all, see you in the forums.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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Well, when I search new PCI-E audiocard -- I found ASUS Xonar is being perfectly supported on linuxes. And I like my bugpipes music collection sound. So I simply ignore Creative's products. By the way,
i got a x-fi music and i'm very pleased with that card.

i really like cmss3d-sourround and the crystalizer.

and yeah, dont post it, i alread heard stuff like "OMG, this is from the devil himself, this functions totaly destroy the orginal sound of the music and stuff!!!!" blablabla: You know what? Tell it your barber, he wants to hear it.

So long... i really like this card.

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I gave my X-Fi away in favor for my onboard sound.
That's how much it's worth in the time of Vista+ and the new driver model Tongue2
@rama, the onboard sound is good but it has been giving me too many problems with some games, otherwise I surely wouldn't bother to expend money on a discrete card.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Xonar sounds far more superior than any X-Fi. I instantly heard a decent quality boost going from an X-Fi to Xonar.
X-Fi cards are cheap and nasty! Tongue2
Sold nearly all my X-Fi cards to a Friend of mine.

You can still have 128 voices and OpenAL support etc with a Xonar, so you're not really missing out on much if you choose one over a X-Fi.
I think onboard sound is about 24 voices
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