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SSX/SSX Tricky missing lighting
If he got it working, i suggest you send him a message and ask Smile If you find out, please post here as it may help somebody else in the future
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Oops i see now, hes playing tricky, can try myself and see if trickys mesablanca is better. Otherwise i can try asking the uploaders settings if he does remember that, video is from 2007 Tongue
Okej, so i tried and compared Tricky with his video and on my PCSX2. His lights are definitely 'there' and not yellow/fainted. With in mind that SSX and Tricky use the same engine it could be the same problem.
Going to fire away a message to him and see if he reacts and if, if he remembers anything, can try atleast. Will report back might he come with some information.

Edit: Someone asked already for what settings he used, 9 years ago no answer, there doesnt seem to be a way to send personal messages on youtube? Anyways asked again, maybe he sees...
Just a funny thing i see, his is the only video ive ever come across with the right light sources on PCSX2/SSX and its uploaded on my birthday Laugh Laugh

Edit 2: Found the message function, send some questions to him.

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