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[Samurai Warriors 2] Requesting Help
I have the PC Version of the Samurai Warriors 2, and i have gotten in the 25th floor with Nobunaga Oda level 25, im aiming to complete Ranmaru's Request on the 31'th floor so that i can get to unlock her.

However, things are very hard on the next floors, my character just takes too much damage from officers and i often have to 1vs2 + and i cant afford to re-do it all over again.

So if somebody has the game, care enough to do Ranmarus Request for me? You only have to pass through to floor 30 and then ull see the request there, take it, complete it, and ill be able to play as Ranmaru Mori Smile

I am looking for people that know this game well.

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Um, Ranmaru Mori is a guy and well there was rumor, which Koei used and based him off of, that he was Nobunaga's boy lover. Anyway...ask on gamefaqs.
How do i ask there? Are there forums or sth?

Well, i see ranmaru as a woman, i dont care about history, i only care about my point of view (no offense).

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