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Samurai Warriors 3
A new game, Samurai Warriors 3 is coming out, and it looks so amazing, ive always been a fan of the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors series.

But it seems like its going to be for the Wii, does anyone know if its going to be for other consoles or for the PC too? I dont have the Wii Sad

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Only on Wii. Sad
After playing for hours and hours Dynasty Warriors 3,4,4 xl,5,5 xl, (6 was SO crap with the immense swapping), Samurai Warriors 1,2,2 xl, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and Warriors Orochi 2 I think I can safely say I already have enough warriors games to keep me busy whenever I want Tongue
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There is a WII emulator right? Ill try it out only for playing that.

Or ill ask from dad to get the game and bring his WII console with him Laugh
Warriors Orochi 2 kicks ass.Who needs SW3.Survival mode always is fun Tongue
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
I own the Jap one right now its OK graphically better than PS2 counterparts and yet still play's the same as the past title's so its quite OK did not understand anything about the story though and even the menus were a problem since I did not know how to Make headsway about the japanese language
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