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ScpToolkit (XInput Wrapper aka ScpServer Reloaded)
Cause this release is not really supported (no updates) and new versions of similar tool are for win 10 only, i guess i can post it here?

I just tested this (not sure if beta client needed, but i use beta just in case, care to double check every mapping for buttons, cause sometimes it say axis x and after second press - button x. Working is last one). And it's perfectly working solution without need for any tool besides ps now app (you only need driver from there actually). Some games even show ps layout to you as some good addition. I guess it would be helpfull, all credit goes to author of the guide, he is the hero, not me (even if i asked on steam forums for more controller, specifically ds3 support).

p.s. Maybe gyro is too sensitive or idk. But it doesn't matter if all working good, right?

Small update: after more testing... it's good but only works for some games. So it's only the temporary solution sadly.

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When I right click on the icon in the tray, the profile manager is missing. I can only test the buttons, which work famously, or reset position. Halp! thank you Tongue
I need help, I'm trying to install this driver but it says its not connected. Here is the gamepad analyzer dump.

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.txt   Pro Ex mini for PS3_hid-report.dump.txt (Size: 3,57 KB / Downloads: 3)
Hello, I have an error message. I don't know why but it keeps returning every 10 seconds. Can someone help me make it go away? Bottom right.
Hi, Sorry but I already search alot, but it seems like I cannot find the answer anywhere.
Im using Ps3 controller. I install this tool step by step exactly like the guide 1st page told me. Everything went smooth. If I open ScpToolkit monitor, I got a "server connected message . The window gave me this line: "Host address: disconnected. Pad one: DS3 60.38....etc usb ...charging". I can test the pad using the "input tester" function alright.

But what do i do next? When go into pcsx2 using lily pad plugin I cannot configure any button (ofc if I open the game, the pad wont work). I even copied the lilypad scp from the scp folder and use that plug in, still no work. Is there any extra step am I supposed to do?
I recently did a clean install of windows 8.1 on my system, installed the newest version of SCP, and I'm getting this weird bug wherein every few seconds the joysticks are seen as being flicked to the top left several times. Additionally, when I plug in my VERY REAL PS3 controller, I get the error "fake Dualshock 3 detected".
Could somebody please help me out? I need to swap L2/L3 and R2/R3. From what I understand this was possible in the old profile manager but the current manager is broken so is there any way to do this now?

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