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ScpToolkit (XInput Wrapper aka ScpServer Reloaded)
Hello everyone.

I'vee been using this great SCP server with my wired PS3 pad on Windows 7 for a long time.
However, one day, it stopped workign properly.
Since that day my PS3 pad keeps disconnecting, and reconnecting randomly.
It does not happen all the time, but quite frequently, at any moment it can happen.

I think I tried everything:

- Switch to SCP toolkit last version
- Install and uninstall countless times
- Reswitch on SCP server, then go back on SCP Toolkit.
- Change USB port.
- Change USB cable many times
- Change PS3 pad
- Choose in the USB proprieties to not allow the PC to disable the USB device in order not to sue too much power

I don't have problems with my other USB divices (Mouse/ keyboard and Xbox pad working great).
My Xbox pad gets disconnected when it vibrates though, but only when it is connected on the front USB ports, so I guess this is a problem of power consumption on the front ports.
I switched it on the regular USB port and no issues.
I doubt this is linked to the problems I have with SCP Toolkit for my PS3 pad.
Of course my PS3 pad is connected on the regular USB port, not on the front ports.

I think it's been a year now, and I can't bear it any more...
What am I doing wrong, what's happening please ?

Should I give up with this ?
Is there another software than SCP toolkit/server that might work ?

Should I change my OS and go on Windows 10 ?

Please HELP !

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This is an awesome tool and I got everything setup and working just fine however I decided to purchased a secondary DS3 just for use on my PS3 however upon turning the controller on it automatically pairs itself with ScpToolKit. Is there a way to just have one controller paired with ScpToolKit and one paired with my PS3? Sorry if this has been asked before.

I just created an account to post here to inform those that aren't aware yet, that it seems that the Windows 10 Creator's Update breaks the drivers in the ScpToolkit.
For a couple weeks now, lot's of users have been opening issues in the scptoolkit github about controllers no longer connecting.
Nefarius hasn't been active there in a long while, don't know if he's busy or not.

The project seems to be open source, so if somebody knows how to solve this please do.

Here's the issue page in the github, read up and give your feedback.

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