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Seagate or Western Digital ?
I dl over 100GB of fansubbed anime since getting a fiber connection, and now I need a new HDD.

But at teh local store there are only 2 choice for 2TB HDD:

Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003 2TB 5900 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s


Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EARX 2TB 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s

I've used Seagate before and never WD, but somehow Seagate only offer 2 years warranty now..., WD 3 years

Both are "eco friendly"... green... and are at around $100 w/ tax.

I will use it as the only HDD in my PC, and retire the old 500GB to a backup drive.

Please gimme wise advices. Thanx a lot = )
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I prefer WD these days Smile At the end of the day they are both reasonable harddisks however, but i've personally had less trouble with WD, others might tell you different ;p
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Just look at the negative feedback for that Western Green... 29% rated 1/5... if those are your only options guess the seagate will do better but I'd rather try to get some samsung instead since they've been best this year Tongue2
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I'd say Seagate because my personal experience has been fine. I own 3 Seagate HDDs (and for years now, 2 are 300 GB and the newer one 1 TB) and I had no problem whatsoever.
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Samsung F3 or F2 series or WD Black or Blue.

Avoid anything Green or Seagates recent Momentus drives because they aggressively park the head causing performance and wear issues.
Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that hard drives die, and that's a fact of life. Even the best of them die. If you can afford (and especially if the data is important to you), use a raid setup.
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(10-17-2011, 03:10 PM)Bositman Wrote: I'd say Seagate because my personal experience has been fine. I own 3 Seagate HDDs (and for years now, 2 are 300 GB and the newer one 1 TB) and I had no problem whatsoever.

I used to be a Seagate fan myself, but all the recent seagates i've come across have ended up going back due to Click of Death or aggressive head parking that results in stuttering.

Anyway, it goes like this with me
WD for access times
Samsung for Throughput.

Samsungs Drive cache are the fastest in the industry Saturating the SATA2 speed (>250MB/s cache to host, where the best WD is usually barely 150MB cache to host)
Samsungs are the easiest to determine differences in models, WD has a history of changing the SKU without changing the SKU part number (making cherry picking high density platters a pita)
i got 2 WD but got bad sectors
for seagate currently got 2 and currently in a good condition...i say seagate for sure.
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Quote:i got 2 WD but got bad sectors

Probably logical, a nuke would fix them. Seagate are the only ones to watch out for physical bad sectors (the head is flimsy and can easily grind against the platter during a click of death.

I replace any Seagate notebook drives with Samsung, not only do they run faster, they run cooler and the head is stable so a sudden impact doesn't kill your drive.

All recent 2.5" Seagate drives reset their AMA state and head parking delay on a power state reset. Their Access Latency is certainly unstable as well, the many i've tested will not stick at their rated 13ms but randomly jump to 17ms for no reason.
Sorry, I'm a weeaboo, I like Japan, and so naturally dislike Korean and would avoid using Korean products >_>

The guy at the store told me Samsung drives die like flies so they only have 500GB models.

I had a Samsumg cellphone years back, and it died fast too.
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