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Shadow of the Colossus - Full Speed
This guys probably have his pc hardware from the future to get Shadow of the Colossus to run this smooth on Fraps! But seriously, I have yet to try out this game with speedhacks on, so who knows...

Edit: Nevermind. LOL. When speedhacks is used I'm getting high 70s - 80s fps in this game haha.

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Yeh speedhacks make hell of a difference with SotC.
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He didn't record it with fraps. At least it's very unlikely that he did at that resolution at full speed with no hacks on (you can tell because the framerate is still very high where as the best speed hack for SotC is VU Cycle steal, which will cut into the games native FPS). There is no mention I can find anywhere of him using fraps, no FPS display like he used fraps... Most likely he recorded using GSDX's built in video capture which speeds up the video/audio to full speed no matter what it was when you were recording it.
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In my experience, there's no way to keep SotC running at 60fps without Speedhacks (VU Stealing, more specifically). It literaly appears that the FPS is being held back otherwise...
Can you tell me exactly what speedhacks I need to enable for Shadow of the Colossus? I'm on a 6-core i7 3930k overclocked to 4.6ghz and I only get 35-50fps most of the time, no matter with hardware mode or software mode. I can run Okami in software mode at full speed but I'm having problems with shadow of the colossus and michigan: report from hell.
Here you go.

[Image: pcsx2sotcspeedhacks.png]
this is the most epic thing i have ever watched
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