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Shadow of the Colossus-ending question,
I have question about the ending of SOTC: Warning Spoiler!

So Ico{form the game ICO}
is Wander reincarnation or he's child?

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Uhm, definitely not related to plugins, moved.
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From Wiki:
...during an interview in March 2006, Ueda (Fumito Ueda, the game's director and lead designer) revealed that a specific connection between the two games exists: the world featured in the two is the same, with Shadow of the Colossus taking place at an unspecified time before Ico. He revealed that Wander sires the line of horned boys of which Ico's protagonist is a descendant. Moreover, the shadowy figures which appear in the Shrine of Worship are connected to the shadows which the player must fight in Ico. The Queen's Sword from Ico is also available as a bonus unlockable item. Both games use unique fictional languages as well.

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