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So I shopped newegg a bit :D
and concluded my build without a gfx card
I think I am gonna have fun ocing the igp and using 2133 ram haha
until i get a 560Ti or something in that nature

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You could probably go better with PSU:], high output power doesn't really equal to good PSU:].
Anyway good luck in OC and if you try, unlocking that phenom cores:].
;D "raidmax 500w just exploded" hyhyh nice title.
(07-26-2011, 04:30 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: ........

//switches power supply
Nice, you pay extra dollar for fast RAM (useless) but go with a slower AMD cpu (yeah) Tongue2
ah yeah, i just noticed that rama

op, you can get a SB for the savings on lower specced ram, and on the Sandy Bridge (dual channel) memory controller, memory writes on DDR-1333 will perform comparably the same as DDR-1600 on the nahalem (triple channel) memory controller.

Read performance is faster on SB when comparing clock for clock

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