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So what graphics card should I get to play PCSX2
I have a Core i3 530 @2.93GHz and currently using its IGP. What graphics card should I get to run PCSX2?

I have some knowledge about AMD's naming scheme, but no idea about NVIDIA. I heard they often rename old cards and sell them under new names?

Thanx for any advices.

I guess I'll have to buy a new PSU too
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The faster the better... That said, if you're looking for anything just to PLAY pcsx2, any card at about the $100 price range should be able to play almost any game at 2x scale or more. Nvidia are better supported in PCSX2 since Gabest only uses Nvidia cards, but the difference is pretty negligible in most instances.
[Image: 2748844.png]
The Nvidia 560Ti is a great and modern mid-range card.
Mainstream, mid-range, and high-end. Take your pick

Nvidia: GTX 460, 560Ti, and GTX 570 or 580
AMD: HD 6850 or 6790, 6950, and 6970

Personally, I would go with either the 560Ti or the 6950, but that just me.
If on a budget, a GT 430 is usually more than enough (for Radeon, that's around the 5600 range). It would possibly be within your current PSU's capabilities, too.

If you're wanting to exceed 2x scaling with more intensive games (or never see GPU limitations), a modern GTX card from nVidia or a Radeon equivalent is what you need. Don't feel the need to break yourself by going much higher than something like a GTX 460/560 or Radeon 5850/6850 for the sake of PCSX2, it will most always be overkill.
For PCSX2 GTS 450/HD5770 are more than enough.
for PC & PCSX2 together -to enjoy max quality- GTX 460 or HD 6870 are the minimum.
Memory Bandwith is king with GSdx performance.
You'll want > 80GB/s for x2 scaling in most games and > 120GB/s for x3.
;p 6x is doable on 128GB/s
the game and resolution do come into play though. i can't use more than 4x in DBZ for instance.....
I find the GT 430 28.8 GB/s (a bit lower than HD 5570 level) to be capable of 2x scaling in most games I play. I haven't had issues with the GTS 250 70.4 GB/s with most games at 4x (max scaling on older PCSX2 versions). Only game I have that it couldn't handle at that scaling was Shadow of the Colossus.
probably because shadow of the colossus has that wide open range lol
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VideoCard-[ATIradeon5750(OC) 850mhz 2GB
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