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Some things deeply wrong with win8
Windows 8 has proved to bring the meaning of annoyance to new levels.

When first upgraded from win7 was hard to get my X-Fi sound card working, that's was not a surprise, I knew it had issues with drivers yet.

But after long struggle that was accomplished, the sound card was working again (despite losing some functionality), then I found it not saving my settings between boots.

Well... Google is our friend and so I found that if windows is put to "sleep" whatever change made is kept... GREAT!!!

Then, just today the second hard disk was gone, yes... gone... not seen anywhere in Windows... not by explorer, not by device manager, not by administrative tools...

So I rebooted and looked at the BIOS... yes, it was there. Got again into Windows and ... nothing...

Armed by the previous experience I thought trying to put it to sleep and still no good... then I tried put it to hibernate and Miracle... the drive was found once again.

Is too soon to tell but I believe win8 bypass a lot of things to boot "quickly" into that execrable Metro interface.

I hope that lesson may help someone eventually having issues. Windows taught us that rebooting is the universal panacea to it's problems... no more... now you may need to put it to sleep or to hibernate if something goes awry... good luck.

Ah, yes, and the HD has no problem at all that I could find after a battery of tests.
Imagination is where we are truly real

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Moral: Never upgrade to a new OS when it comes out...

i7 2600K@3.40, P8P67, ASUS HD7870 CUII, 8GB 1600 GSkill, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
I've had no issues with win8.. lol

It's per case, and depends how old the hardware is, usually.

my pc is brand new however
It's not a hardware issue, moved by curiosity I searched the Internet and it was not an isolated case, many people complaining about HDs just... disappearing.

In one thread someone got the same idea of trying the hibernation. Yes, a lot of people already aware on that new "panacea" to fix win8 problems.

Indeed, I'm aware of the risks, I "upgraded" from win7 mostly moved by curiosity but not before doing backup of the former OS in a whole. You know, I feel it wrong to bash something I don't own/use Smile and it was cheap enough. One thing I knew already, that I would not like the new interface, and I was not deceived in this.

Then, since it boots directly into the desktop, is almost the same thing as it was before, so I don't feel it was an upgrade at all. Still I liked the hardware access returned in win8 and those old applications (mainly emulators) relying on Eagle, 2xSAI and alike filters regained life and don't look so pixelated as in win7 and Vista.

PS: just occurred to me... that part was an upgrade... to what it was before.
Imagination is where we are truly real
Didn't have any HDD or X-Fi (Recon) issues here.
Generally my hardware works just as well as it did on Win7.
I did notice that tools with many controls have a confusing look now,
due to the flat Aero design.
no issue on my side too when using windows 8.. no dissapearing hardisk etc.. currently loving it.. it's cheap and much more easier to use once you know what the shortcuts are.. when I reformat to windows 7 to isolate if my problem is on OS side.. I find it hard to use without windows button + x *right click on lower left side of desktop in windows 8* need to type the command prompt -___-.. glad paragon is good in making backup images so I restore my windows 8 in 10 minutes..

maybe a return the bios to default? change sata cable? change sata slot? it depends XD
The thing with Win8 is that it has a lot of sure potential to surpass it's predecessor and eventualy it will happen someday, BUT, not in the launch day or straight out of the box. I'd say I'd wait atleast untill it's first service pack or something. This always happens with rushed products so the lesson was learnt years ago with lots of Windows unrelated stuff that I got.
The real thing 'wrong' with Win 8 is that it simply isn't designed for Desktop PCs. The entire metro interface, designed for touchscreens, is about as useful and functional as a screen door on a submarine, as the saying goes.
The ribbon in explorer bothers me more. I boot to desktop so I rarely see the metro interface.
To those not having hardware related problems, good. I was able to trace down the issue's cause to the amd_sata driver and it started after the last Win8 update... good start.

The immediate workaround was disabling JMB at the BIOS since I don't use it, meanwhile forcing the standard AHCI driver at the Device manager. This seems to have "removed" the problem and the driver was found without that panacea of hibernating the windows. Till then lets wait for a new update fixing the previous update.

It's not a hardware failure, it is software failure. Well, those not using AHCI may never experiment that problem.

PS: I still keep that's something deeply wrong with Windows, the loss of a HD is not something to be overlooked, it should be screaming pop ups everywhere and hinting solutions... not go ahead as nothing had happened and making it very hard to a user to pinpoint and correct the issue. Wait, windows pop ups never help... facepalm.

What reminds me to rant about popups hanging of the screen for 2 or 3 seconds warning me that that thing I was trying to open can now be opened by a fresh new MS metro "updated" product (that I replaced long ago just because I don't like them). MS indeed knows how to annoy the user. Useless pop ups is something that never lacked in all versions of Windows I have used (what are ALL).
Imagination is where we are truly real

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