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Spectabis | Advanced Game Launcher (Frontend)
I've been using Spectabis 1.4 for a couple of days and even though the UI could use some work, I was pretty satisfied with the frontend. That is until now!
When I started Spectabis earlier I was greeted by the following screen
Basically the program tells me that my "trial" has ended and to continue using the program I have to pay a hefty amount of money. There isn't even the option to use the program with reduced functionality!
The thing is... nowhere does is say that this is only a trial. On the contrary the git says it's a free frontend. That's why I want to know from the developer what this is about and whether it's legit.

Possible explanations:
1. I caught some malware - can't be as this prompt is embedded in the program and looks like a natural part of it. Even has the program's name in it
2. it's some old code that triggered randomly and shouldn't be in it - I doubt it and it's also questionable why it existed in the first place
3. the dev added this recently to earn money - it's their choice but some notice would've been nice. My honest opinion on those prices... that won't sell at all. Maybe 15$ for lifetime at max
4. the dev got hacked and someone added this to scam users - possible, and people should be warned about this

Oh yeah. I tried unpacking the zip again and overwriting all files, didn't work. I also looked through my registry and deleted everything related to Spectabis, still doesn't work. I'm no expert but I suspect that the license check is hidden in the registry under some different name, which is - again - bad practice and possibly malicious.

Maybe all of this is just a misunderstanding or minor issue, in which case I'll apologize immediately. But should this be some scam/hack type of thing I want people to be warned and hope that the program doesn't install ransomware or something...

On the frontend itself: the design is quite simplistic but I like that I can edit the settings of each game easily. I would improve the browsing from options to library by adding some (back/forward) buttons or menues.
An issue I encountered all the time while the "trial" still worked: the notification that "There are x new games in your directory" did not work at all! It didn't add anything and the notification could not be dismissed (IIRC).
Another minor annoyance is that whenever I select a folder with my ISOs the program overrides the location of PCSX2. That's why I had to add my games manually.

Well, I switched to PCSX2Bonus and luckily I could use the config folders of Spectabis. I spent quite some time on those settings :/
I hope this issue is nothing minor and the dev responds on this trial issue. Oh, and if this turns out to be an April Fool's joke, this is not funny...


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(04-01-2017, 11:49 PM)Nuggets Wrote: I hope this issue is nothing minor and the dev responds on this trial issue. Oh, and if this turns out to be an April Fool's joke, this is not funny...

[Image: trollprank420.jpg]

Also, nothing should be written to registry. If you don't trust it, you can read the code and compile yourself -
Hey,  I'm writing yet another PCSX2 frontend. Source code is being hosted at GitHub.
Thanks for the quick reply. So I just opened Spectabis and it works again. Btw the notification about new games does auto-hide, so I remembered wrong Wink

So if I get this right, the whole "trial" thing was really an April Fool's joke? Honestly, I think that's in bad taste. Software should never be part of those jokes except when you make a specific "joke/fake release" on said day, not something coded into the regular release that triggers on certain days.
The "horse armor DLC" would have been acceptable though, but I didn't get that one.
In case the notification I got would've gone away and even told me it was a joke after I clicked on one of the payment options... well I didn't want to click those just to test it. To me it looked like a scam Mellow  IMO if you want to make those jokes they should never look like potentially malicious stuff, so you might want to rework this joke^^

I'm an amateur so I'd most likely overlook the important parts when checking the code. I just assumed that the "license check" had to be hidden in the registry because I deleted and replaced everything with a fresh copy. I didn't think you'd code it into the program itself^^

At first I wanted to use PCSX2Bonus, then I noticed the more recent Spectabis, so I went with yours. For now I'll switch and see how the "original" does in comparison. I may give Spectabis another try when I've cooled-down a bit Cool 

Oh, and I meant "nothing major" in my earlier post hehe

Can you help please I can use this program with launchbox but I cant exit the emulator even if I just use the program on its own the esc key wont work(ok if I just use pcsx)

my bad when run as admin its fine

thanks for your app
1.0.5 Release!
  • "Input Settings" button in options will be disabled if using Global Controller profile
  • Minor code cleanups

  • When no logs files are found, Spectabis crashes
  • Changing game title reloads library
  • Compiling releated issues
  • Resources folder is leaked into drive directory on each launch

Hey,  I'm writing yet another PCSX2 frontend. Source code is being hosted at GitHub.

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