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Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
Anyone here buying it in february? It's for the PS3!!!

It makes me very happy because the main reason I bought a PS3 was for tri-Ace(Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile), square(Final Fantasy), koei(Dynasty/Samurai Warriors), and level 5(Dark Cloud). Hopefully Dynasty Warriors 7 will com e out soon. I wish Samurai Warriors 3 was for PS3, but the Wii is good since I have that. I also hope Dark Cloud 3 will come out as well... but I can't get my hopes up...

I'm finally glad they decided to bring Star Ocean 4 to the PS3!
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i just saw this post lol, yea im waiting for it too, the release date here in eu is in a couple of days, have fun playing it, after that ff13 Tongue
I just ordered White Knight Chronicles, next week I'll order Star Ocean and after FFXIII =P Hope the money I have will do. Jrpgs releases have been so slow in PS3, dammit. 3 years of PS3 and barely a few jrpgs. It's annoying.
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