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Star Wars , Which game is it ?
[/size]hiii @ all !

i have joined this forum and i like it so much there are so many helpful members Wink now i need a bit help.

2-4 years ago i have played a star wars game at my friends home. it was so cool that i bought a ps 2 too to play the game.
now my friend has gone and i cant find the right star wars game that i search Wacko

you can play the game 2 players co-op i think.
at firsts we msut select in menu a vehicle , ( there were 3-4 vehicles ) and then we fighted together in a small map against various of vehicles.
you cant go outside of the map its a small map but everytime the vehicles are going to be harder to kill them.

but i dont know which game is it?

star wars battlefront 2
star wars battlefront ?
or another game of star wars ?

Please help me to find the right game Wacko i wanna play it with my friends together Wacko

sorry for my bad english :/Sad

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I don't know which is the one you want, so I did a search for you instead.
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Not PCSX2 related, moved.
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there is one but its for psone,called star wars demolition
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing
Star Wars Racer Revenge
thx guys for ur help i ll check it out !

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