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Stick with Windows 8 or "Upgrade" to 7?
So I hear Windows 8 is a user-interface nightmare, and all it does thats an improvement over 7 is that its focused on touch, rather than traditional Windows.

I got Win7 Ultimate on disc and just wondering if I should downgrade to Win7 when I buy my new laptop.

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I personally prefer windows 7, but people say windows 8 s okay if you buy start8
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Classic Shell is a free and perfectly working alternative for Start8.
I use this on my Win8 x64 and I never have to see Metro Smile
I got some extra problems with 8, most Steam games need some kind of special procedure to get them running fresh from install... Crysis (the first) I couldn't make work yet, but not really hurrying to do also.

Edit: Crysis Warhead had kind of CDKey issue, but that was not caused by Win8, it was solved and I have the game running. The above mentioned problem is with the very first Crysis and still up.
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I haven't had any problems with windows 8 on my laptop. Seems to work ok. I wouldn't necessarily move to 8 if I already had 7 however but I also wouldn't drop back down to 7 if I already installed 8. There are nuances and bugs to every operating system I would say it is about the same only different.
I use my laptop while hooked to my Sony Bravia via HDMI. When it boots the regular desktop starts on my TV and the panels start on my laptop. Works out really nicely for that type of setup.
are u have touch laptop like HP? bcoz win8 is good on tablet and touch laptop.but most new and old games doesnt support win8.win7 is best than stay with win7
There is, maybe, a good point in that incompatibility with win8, most of times is related to some crazy DRM the game is trying to perform under the table.
Imagination is where we are truly real
[Image: downgradetowindows7.jpg]
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Livy, that picture made me laugh so much that I'm having difficulty to write this reply with shaking hands Laugh

PS: Still, only inside out because I believe it's not fake and actually pictures a dark reality where the technical aspects aren't important at all.
Imagination is where we are truly real
I use win 8, have had no problems with it. and most of my cracks (for No-cd I HATE having to have CDs in the drive to play games) work on Win8, that did not work on win 7.

Also, pcsx2 is faster for me

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