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Stuck at the azure flame god.
In .hack://G.U , the azure flame god is hard to beat.

The first phase of facing Kite is easy, all he does is sit there and eat all my attacks (lol) .

But the 2nd phase, the avatar battle, is at a totally different level, i avoid all his attacks but i just cant seem to be able to attack him, when should i attack him? after what attack? Can anyone tell me?

EDIT: Can i get some tips or info now pleasE? I am about to face him and i am not doing that LONG BORING and retarded(sorry) phase 1 again, its so easy and boring, takes me about 20 mins to beat him in phase 1 and it feels like it takes forever.

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it's just a matter of attacking while moving, you can't stand still and attack him, you're going to have to anticipate his movements and attack with them.
finally made avideo of the fight, how I do it, maybe it'll help some:

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