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Suikoden 4 Progressive Mode
I was curious to know if anyone has gotten the game to work in Progressive mode and if so what are the settings, i get through the main page but unless i have it on normal when i click start new game or continue game it, drops an unresponsive black screen(though i can still hear sounds).
[Image: pm1mbi-2.png]

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But it works without Progressive mode? What's the actual problem? What settings?
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I guess i got it wrong, its not the progressive mode thats the problem. It's an IPU error when trying to load from a memory card.

IPU1 running when IPU1 DMA disabled! CHCR 1 QWC 0

When clicking Continue did this on normal view. Does Suikoden IV have to be save state to play through the game? And my plugin Settings are

[Image: pcsx2_AppSettings_Plugins.png]
[Image: pm1mbi-2.png]
Not related to the progressive scan problem but I did encounter the memory card problem as well. On the main screen when trying to continue to load up a memory card save the game freezes.

I did complete Suikoden 4 on pcsx2 before so it must just be the 0.9.7 beta that has the loading from memory card crash problem.
Does anyone know of a way to fix this memory card loading problem? I played through the entire game, but it also goes to a black screen just after the final cinema.. no credits or anything. I was really hoping to at least be able to save my game to use with suikoden tactics (or maybe new game plus..). It's weird, because you can save fine for most of the game, and I didn't encounter any other bugs, but I can't find any way to load or beat the game. If it worked with an earlier build, can anyone point me to the right one?

EDIT: Oh never mind; I figured it out. All I had to do was enable speedhacks and raise EE cyclerate to 3 Laugh
Now loading works and it doesn't freeze after final cinema.
Thanks for the great emulator / forum / etc.

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