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Super Dual Box USB adapter
I use the Super Dual Box USB adapter from Mayflash to connect my Dualshock PS2 joypad to my PC. Sometimes while playing a game using Pcsx2, the emulator crashed - both older SVN releases and 1.0. I noticed that Pcsx2 was crashing only when the force feedback was active (in some racing games when you hit a wall or car, in Smackdown 2011, e.t.c)

The ffdrv1.dll - which is the the USB adapter's force feedback driver - was actually crashing (i have the latest driver version for Win7, but Super Dual Box is quite old hardware).

Instead of turning vibration off on each game i play, i removed the entries from the Lilypad plugin, so even with vibration on the Dualshock acts as a non-force feedback joypad. And it seems that Pcsx2 no longer crashes. So you know what's the problem if you happen to use the same adapter and experience Pcsx2 crashes...

i7 2600K@3.40, P8P67, ASUS HD7870 CUII, 8GB 1600 GSkill, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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