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TAKE a look at nintendos New Console the WIIU
[Image: wiiu.jpg]
[Image: new_nintendo_controller_01.jpg]
Closedeyes here it is guy nintendo's next WII is called WIIU am I the only one having a bit of a hard time looking at that controller and here's a little bit of info on it

the Wii U's hardware specifications, including the fact the microprocessor serving as "the heart" of the console is a custom 45nm chip, with embedded DRAM that "is capable of feeding the multi-core processor large chunks of data to make for a smooth entertainment experience".

So, 45nm chip, embedded DRAM, multi-core processor.

and here's some vids for you guys just some links tho

Graphics Demo

More Demo
My New PC
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its an ipad with thumbsticks.

Silly, oversized, and cost-ineffective!

Now controllers can come at the price of a console! Rolleyes
it's looks like a large-handheld console(2nd picture)
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must be needing big bucks...

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