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Tales of the Abyss Battle bug (?)
i discovered the pcsx2 some days ago and started playing ToA with it.
After some researching in your forums i got it to run smooth.
After i got Guy the first time i wanted to try out how he is played. so i set the "manual" option in for him and got into a battle.
Here comes the bug (dont know if it is realy a bug though) i cant control him.
He justs stands there and does nothing.... if i press a button or not.
All other characters are in automatic mode. I have the pcsx2 v. 0.9.7,3113 beta and use hte speedhacks EE Cyclerate, enable INTC Spin Detection, Enable wait loop detection and mVU Flag hack.
hope you can help me, otherwwise im simply playing with Luke the whole time^^
MfG Luksis

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If you're trying to use both characters you need to use a different controller and as far as I remember multiplayer in this game is a pain to get to work correctly.

If you're trying to use the other character as your main you need to change the formation outside of battle so the other character becomes the main, you can switch in battle later on after you get an item... don't remember where that is tho.

Not a PCSX2 issue, moved to chatterbox.
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